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What a few of our 90,000+ customers have said

"Best East Side Shop! - Jay S.

"These guys are as legit as they come" - Felipe M.

"So far it's 3 great experiences out of 3 with these folks!" - C. S.

"This place left me completely satisfied...take this as an understatement!!" - A.C.
We are a full automotive / auto repair shop located in Central East Austin. We offer a 25k/25 month warranty on all OE parts we install. We have been serving Austin since 2009. 

209 N Pleasant Valley Rd
Austin, TX 78702
Serving East Austin, Riverside, & all surrounding areas
No appointment needed for service.

Fast Texas State Inspections
15 Minute Oil Change
We guarantee our diagnostics
We warranty our parts & labor

Hello and welcome to the full service auto repair shop that will service all your vehicle needs. You are probably here for one of two reason:

You are being proactive and need a competent shop that can take care of that oil change, tune up, timing belt, transmission service, filter, alignment, or whatever other service is coming up. A shop that is staffed and stocked, that will steer you in the right direction, won't sell you anything you don't need and be proactive to help you keep your vehicle running stronger and longer


The unexpected light illuminated on your dash, your vehicle overheated, won't start, won't stay running, died unexpectedly, started leaking, started making a weird noise, won't drive straight or lost power. You need a shop that can properly diagnose your vehicle the first time accurately, fix it, and get you back on to normal